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In a realm where bone grinds on bone,
Lies a tale of a spine, weary and alone.
A twisted pillar, a skeletal throne,
Carries whispers of pain, endlessly sown.

Osteoarthritis, a merciless foe,
Dances upon vertebrae, laying hopes low.
Each movement a stab, a harrowing blow,
Life’s vibrant colors now shades of woe.

The days stretch long, an endless plight,
An orchestra of agony plays through the night.
The spine, a gnarled tree, bereft of light,
Its branches, once strong, now frail and slight.

His fingers tremble on guitar strings cold,
Each chord strummed, a lament of dreams old.
A symphony of sorrow quietly told,
As hands falter, where once they were bold.

With ink, he sketches his desolate state,
Each word, a droplet of fate,
A narrative of a back bowed, but not yet ate,
By the relentless jaws of cruel fate.

His bones, a prison of relentless pain,
Where hopes are shackled, and fears reign.
Each day a battle, sanity to retain,
While grappling with despair’s unyielding chain.

But within this abyss, a spark of defiance,
A minuscule flame, against darkness it prances.
He clings to it tight, through sorrow’s expanse,
Seeking a moment’s reprieve, a fleeting chance.

His journey, a trek through shadows long,
A testament to the will, when hope’s forgone.
In the cold grip of agony, he seeks to belong,
To a moment free of pain, a forgotten song.

Through the veil of torment, he peers,
At a sliver of light, as he veers,
Between realms of despair and fleeting cheers,
His spirit, though battered, still perseveres.

Wayne van Elsen



Mental Health Advocate (Lived experience) and Digital Designer 👨‍🎨 – Enjoying South Australia’s backyard
Talks about #seachange, #positivevibes, #positivechange, #positivemindset, and #businessadvisory